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Susan Thomas – Part 3, Real People Series

In our final installment, Susan Thomas reveals what wines light her fire and other germane thoughts about the industry. Considering her demanding business and travel schedule, I feel fortunate to have had time with her and appreciate her generosity in sharing her wisdom about a subject we collectively so love. Tell me about your favorite

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Susan Thomas – Part 2, Real People Series

We can read all of the textbooks and access a plethora of resources but the experience of collectors provides a remarkable and essential backdrop for deepening our understanding of wine. Collectors don’t just fall from the sky of course, but rather like most of us, we develop our interests, usually alone, until we have occasion

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Susan Thomas – Part 1, Real People Series

It is always a great pleasure to connect with people that are able to provide illumination about wine on a deep level, what their experiences have been, both common and unique, and compare that information with our own experience and knowledge. With many of the people I am so privileged to share wine with, I

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