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By Richard J. Clifford

The final fifty years have noticeable a dramatic bring up of curiosity within the knowledge literature of the Bible, as students have come to understand the subtlety and originality of Proverbs, task, and Ecclesiastes in addition to of Sirach and knowledge of Solomon. curiosity has likewise grown within the knowledge literatures of the neighboring cultures of Canaan, Egypt, and particularly Mesopotamia. to aid readers comprehend where of biblical knowledge inside of this broader context, together with its originality and uniqueness, this quantity deals a wealthy selection of essays through individual Assyriologists and biblicists at the social, highbrow, and literary surroundings of Mesopotamian knowledge; on particular knowledge texts; and on key topics universal to either Mesopotamian and biblical tradition. students, pastors, and laity will locate those essays either attention-grabbing and enriching. members to the amount comprise Paul-Alain Beaulieu, Richard J. Clifford, James L. Crenshaw, Edward Greenstein, Victor Avigdor Hurowitz, Karel van der Toorn, and Raymond C. Van Leeuwen.

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Forty two Hymn to the solar (see Shamash Hymn) directions of Špê-aml (see knowledge of Špê-aml) directions of Šupê–awilum legislation of Hammurabi Diagnostic guide five 25, forty, seventy three 10 n. 22, 12, thirteen discussion among a guy and His God Letter of Marduk-šum-ušur SAA 10, 174 sixteen xiii, eight Ludlul bl nmeqi discussion among a grasp and His Servant (see discussion of Pessimism) 33–36, 33 n. 2, forty three n. 19, 55–65 discussion of Pessimism (see additionally discussion among a grasp and His Servant) xii, xiii, 33–36, forty three, fifty six nn. four, five, fifty eight n. eleven, fifty nine n. 14, 60 n. 23 discussion among Špê-aml and His Father (see knowledge of Špê-aml) xii, xiii, three, eight n. 17, nine, 10 n. 21, eleven, thirteen, 14, 18 Marduk’s tackle to the Demons 18 n. forty-one Sennacherib’s Description of His Palace ARAB 2. ninety four 88 n. a hundred and one Shamash Hymn Sidu Disputation among the Poplar and the E’ru Tree 15 Enmeduranki Legend (“The Seed of Kingship,” Foster, earlier than the Muses, 376–80) 6, 15 Esarhaddon Temple commitment Prayers ARAB 2. 702 ARAB 2. 670 Etana xii, 33–36 22 Šimû milka (see knowledge of Špê–aml) A Sufferer’s Salvation (Foster, ahead of the Muses, 410–11) eight, 18 Tiglath–Pileser Description of Palace 88 seventy one seventy four 22 n. three Uruk record of Rulers and Sages 6 n. 12, thirteen, 15, sixteen Verse Account of Nabonidus sixteen, 25 Index of historical files 112 imaginative and prescient of the Underworld knowledge of Špê–aml eighty two 37–51 Egyptian Plato 2 Epistulae 314c 27 n. 18 Berossos five, 15, sixteen, eighty three guide of Amenemhet forty n. 15 Qumran guideline of Any 39 n. eleven, forty n. 15, forty three guideline of Kagemni 4Q372 11Q5 6:11–14 eighty four n. 86 eighty four n. 86 forty n. 15 Philo guide of Ptahhotep forty n,. 15 Moses 2. 6 and 12 eighty four n. eighty four Greek Josephus Homer Odyssey 1. 104–10 2. 116–22 7. 81–132 7. 109–11 19. 148–56 Antiquities 3:123 eighty five n,87 eighty five n. 87 seventy five n. forty five eighty five n. 87 eighty five n. 87 Mishnah and Talmud m. ’Abot 2:7 b. Šabb. 30b Aeschylus Prometheus certain eighty three 180–87 103 sixty one Index of contemporary Authors Abusch, Tsvi, eleven n. 23, 18 n. forty-one Albertz, Rainer, seventy eight n. fifty four, seventy nine n. fifty six Albright, W. F. , sixty four n. forty-one Al-Rawi, N. H. , five n. four, eight n. 17 Alster, Bendt, four n. 2, 6 n. 10, 37 n. 1 Altman, Alexander, sixty four n. forty-one Anderson, Hugh, ninety nine n. 26 Arnaud, Daniel, fifty six n. 6 Assmann, A. , eighty three n. seventy seven Averbeck, Richard, sixty nine n. 10, seventy one n. 19, 87 n. ninety nine Azize, Joseph, 38 n. eight Baasten, M. F. J. , one zero five n. forty five Bahrani, Z. , 33 n. 2, fifty six n. four Barré, Michael, 33 n. three Barucq, André, seventy eight n. fifty four Banks, Michaela, a hundred and five n. forty six Baumann, Gerlinde, one hundred and five n. forty six Beaulieu, Paul-Alain, xi, 1-19, 26 n. 15 Beentjes, Pancratius C. , one zero one nn. 34, 35 Bergman, Varda, 60 n. 22 Bergson, Henri, fifty nine n. 15 Black, Jeremy A. , xiii n. 6 Bloch-Smith, Elizabeth, eighty four n. eighty four Bohlen, Reinhold, a hundred n. 31 Borger, Rykle, 26 n. 15-17, seventy five nn. 39-43, 88 n. one hundred and five Bottéro, Jean, thirteen n. 28, 33 n. 2, fifty six n. five, fifty eight n. eleven, fifty nine n. 14, 60 n. 23 Brill, A. A. , 60 n. sixteen Brown, William P. , seventy six n. forty eight Buccellati, Giorgio, 37 n. 2 Bunimovitz, Shlomo, sixty eight n. five Burkert, Walter, 27 n. 19 Burkes, Shannon, ninety nine n. 28 Carigneaux, Antoine, five n. four Carr, David, 102 n. 39 Cazelles, Henri, seventy five n. forty two Charpin, Dominique, sixty nine n. eight Charlesworth, James, a hundred n. 30 Chavalas, Mark, sixty nine n. 10 Civil, Miguel, 39 n. 10, 70 n.

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