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A “must” for the intense scholar of Russell technology and philosophy, The common One is Walter Russell’s first expression of his new Cosmology explaining the Mind-centered electromagnetic universe.

Russell later revised a number of the content material of The common One within the mystery of sunshine and a brand new proposal of the Universe. scholars of the Russell technology will be conscious of the ancient series of Walter Russell’s books of technology, and notice many of the adjustments in information which Walter Russell himself made.

Nikola Tesla instructed Walter Russell to fasten his cosmology in a sepulcher for 1000 years simply because mankind used to be no longer prepared for it . although a century or extra prior to its time, The common One, uniting religious reason and scientifically observable influence in a continuing complete, is now attractive to the numerous people—scientists and laymen alike—who are reading the character of technological know-how and consciousness.

In this 1926 historical quantity, Walter Russell first finds the potential for transmutation of the weather. it is a universe of brain, a finite universe, restricted as to reason, and to the impact of reason. A finite universe, during which the consequences of reason are constrained, should also be constrained as to reason; so whilst that measurable reason is understood, then can guy understand and degree all results. the consequences of reason are advanced and mystify guy, yet reason itself is simple.

The universe is a multiplicity of fixing results of yet One unchanging reason. All issues are common. not anything is which isn't common. not anything is of itself by myself. guy and brain and all growing issues are common. No guy can say: ‘I on my own am I.’ there's yet One universe, One brain, One strength, One substance. whilst guy understands this in measurable exactness then will he don't have any barriers inside of these that are universal.” — Walter Russell, from The Prelude to The common One.

Part I: production; The lifestyles precept; brain, the single common Substance; pondering brain; the method of pondering; considering Registered in subject; pertaining to Appearances; The intercourse precept; intercourse Opposites of sunshine; The Reproductive precept; strength Transmission; A Finite Universe; A Dimensionless Universe; relating measurement; The formulation of Locked Potentials; common Oneness; Omnipresence; Omnipotence; Omniscience.

Part II: Dynamics of brain & mild devices of subject; electrical energy and Magnetism; New recommendations of electrical energy and Magnetism; electrical energy; the weather of topic; The Octave Cycle of the weather of topic; The Instability and the semblance of balance of subject; The common Pulse; relating strength; Electro-Magnetic strain; allure and Repulsion; Gravitation and Radiation; Expressions of Gravitation and Radiation – common path; common arithmetic & Ratios; Charging & Discharging Poles; The Wave; Time; Temperature; colour; common Mechanics; Rotation; Revolution; Crystallization; aircraft and Ecliptic; Ionization; Valence; Tone; end; New legislation and Principles.

The common One comprises a number of charts and diagrams. The common One is either an old and present/future treasure illuminating questions about common cosmology and philosophical issues of the character of the universe.

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