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By Diogenes Laertius

Little or no is understood approximately Diogenes Laertius, youngsters he wrote essentially the most influential money owed of the lives of the West’s most sensible identified philosophers. His point out of Sextus Empiricus capacity he lived after the third century A.D., whereas Sopater quoted him within the sixth century. hence, historians think he lived in the midst of the 4th century. within the historic manuscripts of his paintings, he's constantly known as "Laertius Diogenes," therefore giving the writer his identify. It’s uncertain what the foundation of his identify is both, yet his Lives and reviews of Eminent Philosophers was once written in Greek and professes to provide an account of the lives and sayings of the Greek philosophers. The Lives has been one of many leader money owed of the philosophers’ lives, in part simply because different records not exist, leaving Laertius as one of many few accomplished money owed to be had. Even nonetheless, it’s now not transparent that Laertius’ whole paintings survived the center a while; 14th century discussions of his paintings recommend there has been much more than presently exists this day. Regardless, the Lives are the best way for today’s readers to appreciate the lives of recognized historic philosophers, corresponding to Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Xenophon, and over 70 others.

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