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By Dr Yuri Shilov, Trishula Translations, Dr T & L Hooker, Dr V. Krasnoholovets

NON color variation (featuring sixteen plates of ninety four black/white images and over six hundred black/white figures, maps & diagrams)

What used to be Aratta? Why is that this such a lot historic civilisation very important to us today?

The Arattan civilisation has come to indicate the production of an meeting of tribes and international locations which finally unfold around the whole span of Eurasia. Aratta itself grew to become an epithet for "abundance" and "glory". Aratta created script, texts, writing, legislation and precepts, contracts, exchange, judicial platforms, agriculture, lively arts & crafts - inside a relaxed, matriarchal civilisation many millennia prior to the founding of Sumer round 3200 BCE which had itself sprung, doubtless ‘ready-formed’, into archaeological attention based on Sumerian scholars.

So why are Western historians of historic civilisations predominantly taken with learning Rome, Greece and Egypt, nearly to the exclusion of excellent Mesopotamian Sumer and its progenitor, this Aratta?

Its wealthy petroglyphic records deposited via Stone Age groups of mammoth-hunters in Ukraine can not be overlooked, as a result, this booklet units out to track the advance of this civilisation from its foundation at the territory of Ukraine, the northern Black Sea Land of Aratta. From 20,000 BCE, pre-state Aratta stepped forward from being a well-organised society to at least one whose next wisdom-keepers might, through 12,000 BCE, have inscribed their chronicles in sanctuary grottoes at ‘Kamyana Mohyla' (southern Ukraine). during this “Stone Library”, which continues to be almost unknown within the Western global, lies a written contract from c. 6,200 BCE, an charm for mutual reduction among missionaries from Çatal Höyük (Anatolia) which singularly justifies attractiveness of Aratta because the world’s first identified nation and founding father of the “Indo-European” neighborhood of tribes and languages.

during this image-rich ebook, Dr. Shilov seriously examines the level to which Aratta’s tendrils complicated into Asia Minor, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt and certainly, throughout Europe masking the main wide timescale conceivable. this is often excess of ‘mere history’, it truly is an research of the way the apotheosis of Aratta (“Trypillian archaeological culture”) got here to be eclipsed by way of the increase of its off-shoot, the slave-holding civilisation of Sumer.

This revolutionary development was once paralleled through a circulation clear of the traditional intuitive notion in their international to 1 which used to be dependent upon logical research. the writer stresses the significance of knowing the stability among the cloth shape and box essence parts of ‘physical area’ and their interpretation via the wide awake and unconscious brain. It used to be this primary contrast which drew Aratta’s Brahman monks to dissociate “life-and-death” from “existence and non-existence”. Dr. Shilov’s lifetime adventure of excavating 1000s of burial kurhans and graves around the steppes of Ukraine made it attainable to "decipher" the mythological rituals linked to these mounds which heavily resemble these rituals within the Indo-Aryan Rigveda, but arose lengthy sooner than they seemed in India, corroborating the linguistic notion that the Aryans and their ideals originated within the decrease Dnipro zone of Ukraine.

Drawing upon resources not often encountered through Western researchers Dr. Shilov describes the migrations of historical Eurasian tribes; the unfold of Vedic philosophy into India; the origins of Pelasgian and Greek legends; the increase of Cimmerian, Scythian, Slavic and western eu international locations; the emergence of Kyivan Rus and during Cossack traditions, an appreciation of the sustained maintenance of the middle tenets of Arattan tradition, nonetheless maintained within the very middle of contemporary Ukraine.

At a time while smooth civilisations frequently show uncivilised behaviour, an knowing of Aratta’s precepts of peaceable, harmonious society is unquestionably necessary of our cognizance. "Ancient historical past of Aratta-Ukraine" is clearly advised.

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