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First To Know . . .

To my dear readers: I know I’ve gone off the grid for a couple of months or so. I haven’t wanted to stay away but, like you, I’m subject to that dumb allocation of ‘you only get 24 hours a day’ rule. If I could have managed to stretch it or bend that unforgiving mandate

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Debate Continues: Left Bank – Right Bank

Talk to any wine collector or connoisseur about Bordeaux and the subject of Left Bank vs. Right Bank inevitably arises. Even more interesting is that very few oenophiles are neutral about their preference for one side or the other but are in fact very vocal about reasons why one ‘Bank’ is better than the other. At the

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A Not New Wine Authority

As a wine blogger I spend a fair amount of time looking through other wine blogs and not infrequently I leave a comment while I’m there. I don’t plagiarize, nor do I look to other blogs to be competitive or inspired by ideas. In fact many of the subjects I post on my blog turn

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