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An Act of Congress

    (originally posted May 2014)   On a recent samedi soir I stepped off a busy street and was delivered into opulent surroundings that felt as though I had been teleported to a different country. Although I had not been here before, the elegance and intimate feel of this beautiful restaurant, Congress, seemed familiar

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How to Easily Decode Burgundy:

Drink a Lot of Burgundy Everyone that reads this blog 
knows I’m a Bordeaux aficionado and even the name of this site is a reference 
to Bordeaux. But great wine from any region is still great wine, so life can’t
 be just about Bordeaux. I recently attended a Burgundy tasting and it again 
reminded me

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The Wines of Summer

      It’s not that I don’t drink white wine in winter months, I do, but not as often and usually to prepare the palate for things yet to be poured. More and more, however, I find myself getting excited about approaching summer months, just so I can enjoy white wine as a wine

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