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Best Corners of the World

Sometimes, unplanned events are the ones that turn out the best – you know, the impromptu gatherings that are organized by sheer will and pulled together at the last moment. Such is the case of finding myself in a small establishment in Grand Rapids Michigan one recent night. This wine bar and restaurant overflows with

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California Dreamin’

 All the ink is red                   and the shelves are full                     (the ink is red)                                       (and the shelves are full) . . . I understand optimism, pessimism and realism. I generally tend to fall into the optimistic side of the latter. However, after reading through Wine Spectator’s latest issue concerning California Cabs I have to

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Drinking wine is always a great and pleasurable experience for me because, like most people, I drink what I like. If I’m drinking other wine in a social context, even if I’m not fond of a wine being served it’s certainly informative but quite often I am introduced to great discoveries that someone else already

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