Under Construction

Under Construction

If you follow this site much, I’m sure you’ve noticed a change and hopefully it’s been for the better. Retooling everything has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time but time of course is always at a premium. So, like some sort of undesirable intervention, my hosting service provider decided to no longer offer or support the platform that my blog used, thereby forcing me to make changes.

Fortunately my awesome son-in-law Claude created this new site that combines the blog with the website into one destination. I really love what he did with the place! The website contains static content and, of course, the blog always invites interaction with you, dear reader. To visit the website content, please click on the Knowledge Center and the dropdown will let you select a topic. Nearly all of this text is being updated and will be available soon. I will also be adding content to this area as well as an image gallery consisting of photos I’ve taken while in Bordeaux.

I have much left to do so please pardon the dust as reconstruction and new construction move toward completion, hopefully soon. I expect to be posting more content as soon as this site is completed and I’d love to hear about any subjects that would be of interest to you. Rather than do what many other wine blogs do, which is to regurgitate the same old subjects over and over in order to stir up controversy (read: viewership), I’d rather post content that readers really want so please feel free to respond to this post, or if you’re on the shy side and don’t want to post a comment, please send an email to me at: david@classof1855.com. You will always be treated with the utmost respect and be assured that no email addresses will ever be shared with anyone.

Above my logo with the remarkable hand-drawn château (beautifully created by Aimee Blase at www.blasedesign.com), the words, Tout Simplement Pour L’amour Du Vin, still ring true – Simply for the Love of Wine.

Thank you always for your readership and comments – more soon!

David Boyer

Photo: beautiful downtown Austin is really under construction