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Bordeaux The Classification of 1855 is today, a very controversial assessment of wines from the Bordeaux region that originally rated 73 wine estates in order of quality (from 1st Growth to 5th Growth).

Understandably, many opponents of this rating system emphatically state that the doctrine is outdated and therefore irrelevant, that it was a popularity contest and did not... (read more by clicking the Bordeaux button --->)


Louis Roederer and The French Wine Society

These are two truly great names in the world of fine wine, each with a uniqueness that transcends their respective undertakings. The former, of course, is the centuries old (1833), famously celebrated, champagne house known for its outstanding vintage and non-vintage champagnes–a household name, really. The latter, is a French wine educational institution for industry

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Health Benefits

The Truth About the Health Benefits of Wine

In recent years it seems we can’t visit the Internet, watch TV, or read a publication without some new study informing us that wine is in some way good for our health. According to a number of studies, drinking one to three glasses of red wine per day will fend off (choose one) various types

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Congress Austin

An Act of Congress

    (originally posted May 2014)   On a recent samedi soir I stepped off a busy street and was delivered into opulent surroundings that felt as though I had been teleported to a different country. Although I had not been here before, the elegance and intimate feel of this beautiful restaurant, Congress, seemed familiar

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